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Water : a lesson from Grenoble

We received messages from all around the world, messages of congratulations for our victory, but also to ensure it is an encouragement for all the people fighting worldwide to keep water under public control. Read these messages (both in English and French).

March 2000 : Victory against corruption and the pressure of the great groups, Grenoble water comes back to public service !

Brief history

Why this fight ?

A fight for Democracy

The fight around water is symptomatic of what we consider to be a democracy and a public service. Through our fight to bring Grenoble water back under public control, we ask : who decides in the City, citizens and their representatives, or great merchant groups ? We have to remember our water service was sold through corruption !

A fight for Ecology

Water is a vital element, and should not be considered as a merchandise, sold for profit, should not be entrusted to private merchant groups. This is a worldwide fight, for the welfare of all humanity. It appears public control is a necessary condition for a sustainable water service.

A fight for Solidarity

At a time when more and more families cannot afford paying their water bills, fighting for the right water price is an action for solidarity. Knowing every cent on these bills ends as billions for the great groups, you understand this is not a small fight, but an essential one.

And as these groups are driven only by profit goals, it shows that public control is the only condition for sustainable development. We in Grenoble have the luck to have a naturally pure water, distributed without previous treatments. We must therefore ensure that water treatments are respectfull both of the environement and of the users bank account.

More about it...

You will find on this website a complet history of Grenoble waterfight, justice decisions, explanations on why we persisted in fighting... But from nowon, it is in French, sorry !

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